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Soundgarden - Anthology

Track List: CD1
01. Birth Ritual (Singles ,Original Soundtrack)
02. Sub Pop Rock City (Sub Pop 200)
03. Hands All Over (Louder Than Love)
04. Loud Love (Louder Than Love)
05. Full On Kevin's Mom (Louder Than Love)
06. Get On The Snake (Louder Than Love)
07. Gun (Louder Than Love)
08. Rusty Cage (Badmotorfinger)
09. Outshined with Eddie Vedder
10. Slaves & Bulldozers (Badmotorfinger)
11. Jesus Christ Pose (Badmotorfinger)
12. Somewhere (Badmotorfinger)
13. Drawing Flies (Badmotorfinger)
14. Holy Water (Badmotorfinger)
15. Pretty Noose (Down on the Upside)
16. Rhinosaur (Down on the Upside)
17. Dusty (Down on the Upside)
18. Ty Cobb (Down on the Upside)
19. Blow up the outside World (Down on the Upside)
20. Burden in my Hand (Down on the Upside)
21. Tighter & Tighter (Down on the Upside)
22. Boot Camp (Down on the Upside)
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Track List: CD 2
01. Hunted down (Live Paramount Theatre Seattle, WA 1992)

02. Kingdom of come (Screaming Life - Fopp)
03. Nothing to say (Screaming Life - Fopp)
04. Swallow my Pride (Screaming Life - Fopp)
05. Flower (Ultramega OK)
06. All your Lies (Ultramega OK)
07. Mood for Trouble (Ultramega OK)
08. Circle of Power (Ultramega OK)
09. Let Me Drown (Superunknown)
10. My Wave (Superunknown)
11. Fell On Black Days (Superunknown)
12. Superunknown (Superunknown)
13. Black Hole Sun (Superunknown)
14. Spoonman (Superunknown)
15. The Day I Tried To Live (Superunknown)
16. Kickstand (Superunknown)
17. Fresh Tendrils (Superunknown)
18. Bleed together (A-Sides )
19. Kyle Petty (Son of Richard) (Live Self-Pollution Radio)
20. Come Together (Originally by The Beatles) (Digital Editing Allen Robertson)
21. Waiting For The Sun (The Doors Cover)(Live)
22. Sub Pop Rock City (Sub Pop 200)
CD 2
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